Cut Just For You

Cut Just For You

Since the world has gone online it is hard to get a feeling of who you are actually dealing with when you shop a website or engage an online service. The difference with Le Noeud Papillon is that it is based around myself and my small team.

My name is Nicholas Atgemis. Twelve years ago I started making self-tying bow ties. Today, if you read our testimonials, you will see that we have proved successful at it and have since branched out into many other product lines. 

I am available to my customers 24/7 on Whatsapp or FaceTime and have a proven track record of delivering custom made products around the world in a very timely manner. In some cases we can cut make trim and ship on the same day - if you push us. But we'd rather you take the time to select the right fabrics, choose the right shapes and get the right products made to your taste.

As for our fabrics - we pride ourselves on using only the best. We design most of the fabrics we use in our range and work with looms to deliver the remainder in what we deem as a combination between classic heritage designs such as fatted grosgrains and baratheas, to the most ethereal and vibrant fabrics you will find just about anywhere on the planet. 

I encourage you to contact us on +61413140994 or else see our Instagram where you can see both the work we are doing and hear from our customers and what they are wearing.

Our bespoke service also extends (in these most unusual times). I do hope I get to delete that last line soon!

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