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The Bespoke Printed Velvet Dressing Gown Natalie Portman Didn't Buy

by Nicholas Atgemis |

If you listen vary carefully you are about to hear a name drop. Natalie Portman.

Yes, she is living in Sydney, Australia whilst her husband directs films and I believe she is also filming her Marvel movie franchise of Thor at the same time.

Yes, I was always a fan. In fact, as a young man I thought I'd meet her but did not know how or why.

In fact, I can distinctly recall reading that she was off to Harvard to study psychology and I found that very impressive.

Well, it took 12 years of making bow ties and other menswear items for that to transpire because it was a chance encounter where she was seated at the cafe next door and I walked in and gave her two sets of eye shades and walked out.

I did not expect to hear from her again but then a call came through one day, a crackly call, an American voice, and I was quite dismissive because I was busy. 

Finally she said "can you hear me now?" and I said "yes" and she said "you gave me some eye shades a few weeks back" , the penny dropped, I was much more amiable after "oh I thought I'd never hear from you". She was up ten minutes later to get her husband some gifts for the festive season.

I believe she does not take her husband's last name and her name is a stage name, so I will continue to refer to her as Natalie Portman because I don't know if she is Mrs. Millepied or Ms Portman or Ms Hershlag etc etc. 

Ten minutes later Natalie Portman, internationally acclaimed actress, activist, vegan, mother of two and Oscar winner for best actress, was inside my Studio and she seemed to like the space, I think she said as much. 

She had wanted to buy her husband a dressing robe in printed velvet that at the time was in the window. However, I convinced her it would take a long time to produce and wasn't the easiest thing to transport back to the United States. 

In the end I think she chose beautifully and I am glad to now count her as one of our patrons but as luck would have it our paths have not crossed since. However, a few weeks later she was photographed wearing a t shirt I gave her as a present, a t shirt I designed for my little boxing gym that I run out of my garage in Vaucluse Sydney.

Anyway, I am super proud to have her a customer and I look forward to seeing her husbands version of Carmen and hopefully my daughter and I can watch Thor together some time next year.

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