I will NOT be keeping it brief today so log off if you have better things to do.

An E Book

Firstly, I am beginning today a complimentary ebook for our customers and friends. The subject? Never Look Like A Fool At A Black Tie Event Again – The Rules And How To Break Them
I would say it’s ambitious.

A Price Rise

Next on the agenda is that we are going to raise our prices. I am still working on the new model at the moment but we haven’t changed our price on black bow ties for almost ten years now so it’s necessary that we factor in changes to our silk prices, prices of our inputs, our make costs and the increase in our marketing costs.

That being said, we will always negotiate where customers are buying many bow ties for wedding parties etc. That being said also, we prefer it when customers come directly to us at the Studio by making appointments. It’s a lot easier to negotiate face to face. Book by texting +61413140994

The Competition

It saddens me but when I started we had no competition. I came before Mr Porter, before Tom Ford, before self-tying bow ties were even on the menu. I came from a position of craft and quality. Today if you search for bow ties on the web you will find Chinese made ties where the business pays $1-3 for them and they charge $35. The are invariably polyester, they invariably are not cut well. But they are there and I can’t deny them – they are very good at selling mutton as lamb. In fact, if I advertise my quality as ‘the finest bow ties’ they simply create a google ad to capture that search.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

In order to combat this I am changing my policy in line with a small price increase in our most prized bow tie, The Majestic Black. I am going to have some sleepless nights over this but I want to make it clear we really do make the best bow ties, Australian made, the finest Italian silks, the most unique shapes and details. And to that end my Satisfaction Guaranteed offer is this – if it isn’t the best black bow tie you have ever owned, we will give you your money back and come pick up the bow tie anywhere in the world.

My Personal Time

Apart from writing this new E Book I wish to offer my time to all of you, your friends, and people you know who may need my help. I have fourteen years of making men and women dress more elegantly and with a great knowledge of what they put on their bodies. Specifically,I have pushed the agenda of natural fibres -  be it cotton, silk, wool, cashmere. I am also, having done at a minimum 40,000 hours working in this trade and honing my craft and knowledge base. And still I am learning! And sometimes from my customers! But I offer you my time by Whatsapp or Text or Face Time or at the Studio merely by my private phone number +61413140994 .

And if I can’t help you, chances are I am going to point you in the exact direction you need to go.
So try me!

With great love for your patronage,



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