How To Tie A 90 x 90 cm Silk Kerchief By Le Noeud Papillon

How To Tie A 90 x 90 cm Silk Kerchief By Le Noeud Papillon

There are of course a myriad of ways to tie a knot around yourself, any boy scout probably knows a dozen more than myself. And then there are scarf rings.

Perhaps the most number of ways I've seen them tied was in deck of cards from Hermes that went around a few years back. I was blown away to be honest. It looked like a month of Sundays worth of standing in the mirror.

For myself I prefer a single four in hand knot, also known as a school boy's knot, because it is easy to do and keeps the band of silk around the neck narrower than other types of knots. I then tuck the knotted ends under my sweater or jacket. To be fair, these days I rarely wear them with shirts because I find when you wear them with traditional shirts they tend to look more like ascots. When I am feeling louche or else ebullient, I will knot the kerchief and leave it hanging out as pictured. I tend to stay away from scarf rings, even though we produce them. The reason harks back to a quote I once read of Honore De Balzac where he says that the choice a man makes for his neckwear coupled with the manner in which he ties it, is the greatest portal into the manner and style of the man. I think he is indeed correct, but perhaps this is no longer relevant, given how few men these days are wearing anything around their neck.

That being said, it is wonderful to do something when nobody else is doing it. So all manners of neckwear for myself, are becoming that exotic bit of kit that separates you from the herd.

Enough said, enjoy the three knots I posted up this morning on Instagram and YouTube and please your eyes out for new silks and cashmere arriving this week and the following. They will be very short runs, very much worth having a look at.




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