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Maybe Sammy Pre-Mixed Cocktails

by Nicholas Atgemis |

 It is rare that I go out. I have my work cut out for me. A business that I need to survive this pandemic, another business I am working on, my exercise regime, the fact that my doctor has said session of drinking have done their damage to my internal OS, my obligations to my friends, the time I spend with my daughter and so on and such like.

So, drinking at home, although a vary rare occurrence, coupled with the fact that I am lazy when it comes to what little time I spend at home, means that when I drink I have a bottle of white and red in the fridge (I like my reds chilled and then let them sit for a bit). 

So I jumped at the chance to try these Maybe Sammy cocktails. I had been to their bar in the city and to be fair, it was cool but I didn't feel like it would become 'my bar'. My bar is Charlie Parker's right now, it has been for four years now. It was designed by Bettina Hemmes, whom I believe is the unsung hero of Merivale and she cares not for publicity or notoriety at all. Which is why I like her more than her brother, not that he's ever done me wrong, I just find him to be a prickly sort of character. Although in saying that, let me be clear from the outset that he deserves some sort of AC, AM or OAM - I am not entirely sure which category he would sit in. That's because his contribution to the landscape of Australian hospitality is wide and varies and I cannot fault his systems or the quality of the products he delivers across Sydney. There was life before Merivale, but it was limited. Merivale has definitely changed the landscape for the better. 

Anyway, I received these samples from a friend of the owner's Maybe Sammy. I wasn't asked to write anything it was just a gift from a friend but having tried their Jasmine Negroni and Chamomile Martini, let me say I am sold and I intend to up my game at home the next time I have a guest over. It was exceptional stuff and I intend to purchase a batch shortly, especially before my next poker match.

Well done Maybe Sammy, the names of the bottles are self explanatory and the quality is high. I think you have a great product and I wish you the best of luck moving forward.

You can purchase these sets here:

Maybe Sammy Cocktails | Ready-To-Pour Bottled Cocktails