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Nathan Colkitt And The Pin Striped Suit And Polka Dot Bow Tie That Worked

by Nicholas Atgemis |

This is Nathan Colkitt. He has become on our customers over the past twelve months having heard about us through Steven Knorsch, aka The Snob Report. I received recently a wonderful photo taken of Nathan by his wife and he was just showing me how he was wearing our bow ties right now. It has always been a privilege to see what our customers come up with because I have my own aesthetic but it is often limited by my weight, the colour of my skin and what I am willing to give a go and what I set aside. I have not worn a pin stripe since the mid 1990's so I was so happy to see Nathan pull this ensemble off. It strikes me as odd from the outset. If someone said to me "what about a pin striped suit with a bengal striped shirt with a white collar and cuffs and a polka dot bow tie" I would probably reply - NO. 

So, I take my hat off to you Mr. Colkitt. Because this is an exceptionally refined look and I am going to give it a go myself in the near future. Well, I will investigate it. I am not entirely sure pin stripes will work for, but nothing ventured nothing gained. 


Nathan Colkitt Le Noeud Papillon Bow Ties