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Our Bespoke Service Is Unique - Don't Miss That Opportunity

Have you ever gotten to a retail store and asked for a bow tie and then the selection is small, mostly pre-tied and nothing is what you want? That was my dilemma too. Which is why I hold onto so many silks here at the Studio. So that you can not only choose the silk you want, but you can marry it with a shape that suits your face. 

Richard, on the right, bought a navy tuxedo and had previously owned one of our black bow ties in a twill silk. He wanted the same now in navy. He couldn't find it in the store where he purchased his tuxedo, so he reached out by Whatsapp. We made him 5 different navy silks from which he chose this one. He was very happy and said that the details were noticed. 

Can't find your perfect silk or shape? Reach us on +61413140994


Karl stefanovic Richard Weinberg fitzy bow ties black tie style Le noeud papillon bow tiesA

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