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by Nicholas Atgemis |

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I am back. And today we received our batch of Johnston's Of Elgin cashmere sweaters. To be fair, I don't think we will sell any online as cashmere in sweaters is not something online shoppers feel comfortable with purchasing without trying it on and in a time like COVID we can't accept any returns, it's just not fair to our other customers.

I went through the entire Johnston’s range in their Milan showroom to select what I believe were the best of the bunch. That was in late January. We've waited a long time for them to come in, just in time for..... well not winter.... :)

Anyway, like I said, I am back. I was in the Kosciuszko National Park that forms part of the Australian Alps or what is commonly referred to as the Snow Mountains or Snowies - we Australians love to do that to names, adding in eees and ooos and aaaas to everything. But it has it's own charm.

It was my holiday for the year but it was more of a physical challenge, as most of the time I was sweating profusely as I lugged my over-sized rhinoceros self up mountains over a couple of hours only to ski them down in five minutes. We used skins in what is called ski touring. The only reason I am writing that is I am still learning so many new words relating to skiing and it has taken me a year to learn that they are called 'snow shoes' and not 'ski shoes' for example.

In the evenings we camped in an orange tent in a very quiet part of an otherwise very mercurial set of mountains. You really can never quite tell what the weather will be tomorrow, or what the weather will be like as you ascend to the summit. In short, mountains very much resemble what is going on in the world at the moment - always capable of being at sixes and sevens, so you need to make the most of every moment. The good thing about snow camping is that it is free, so long as you are willing to do number twos in what is called a poo-tube, which ensures our native wildlife are unaffected.

As usual, I wore out kerchiefs in the snow, it's become a force of habit. I prefer them over buffs, though at times I wished I had remembered a buff.

Anyway, I am back - and I have a whole new bunch of silks I want to make from photos I took in the mountains. There is always some new idea to explore once you switch of your computer and head out into nature. If you need me, you know how to find me. I am available now 24/7.