Some Comic Relief Is In Order

Some Comic Relief Is In Order

I have been watching events around the world unfold and I am going to have to try my best to stop picking up my phone or iPad because it just seems like everywhere you look there's nothing particularly wonderful happening. North Korea is flexing it's muscles, an Oompa Loompa is running the United States and Australia is raising so much debt we will soon need one of those debt clocks in our financial district to remind ourselves just how much this is all costing us.

I have always found that one thing that really takes your mind of it is very good comedy. The Farelly brothers have made some of my favourite comedies - Dumb And Dumber, Hall Pass, There's Something About Mary - these were my go to movies when I just wanted to be entertained and switch off from the world. They are up there with my favourite comedy of all time, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and my other favourite comedy, Some Like It Hot.

So last night as I was on a walk with my friend he turned to me and he has this remarkable way of chuckling concurrently with a wry smile, and it really is idiosyncratic and inimitable, and he said "that remind me of a sex scene in that movie Heartbreak Kid". I thought he was mistaken and was referring to an Australian movie by the same name featuring Alex Dimitriades and questioned the sex scene. "No no" he said "I mean the one with Ben Stiller", and then added "go home tonight and watch it, you will laugh the whole way through it". 

I did. I had missed a great Farelly Brothers film which reminded me very much of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I loved it! I was in fits of laughter from the opening credits and for a while I could not have given two F's about what was going on in the world today or why my customers were AWOL.

If you have time, if you want to be entertained, and I can't say it is for everyone, but watch it. 

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