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To Our American Customers

by Nicholas Atgemis |

A lot of people people write these days "there are no words" but I usually find that there are. In 2001 I was living in New York City for a stay of about 3 months. On my final day departing the city before flying to London I was on the deck of the Empire State looking back through the binoculars at those on the deck of the WTC. It feels like yesterday. It was thrilling. So high up. Such a vast metropolis. A few months later I was on the home island from where my father's side comes from, a tiny horse shoe bay rock of a thing, named Castellorizo, Greek, but so close to Turkey you could swim to it. In a taverna I saw it unfold on CNN, it was frightening. Unbelievable. It felt like the end of the world in some ways. Three hours I guess it took and then the world has not been the same ever since. This virus seems set to challenge us in a similar way.

I wish to thank our American customers for their continued support for our little company and I wish them a safe passage through their own struggle with both the virus and the political and social changes that face your country moving forward.

These are a few things I have come to love about your country. I will tell you what they are. Bruce Springsteen. That's for sure. You may as well start working out where you are going to put his statue in Washington DC from now. Secondly, your Star Spangled Banner, because the defence of Fort Henry shows the true grit and spirit of your country when it unites for one cause. Thirdly, Marvin Gaye - because he sings it in a way that touches you in a way only angels could. Fourthly, McDonalds. I know you are going to get upset about that but it is the idea that a product can be reproduced around the world and give you a feeling of universality whilst also having each countries own individuality expressed within it. It has a sort of a magic in it. The nutrition stuff, we will need to keep that separate. And finally, Ken Burns and the documentaries he makes. I have probably immersed myself in double the amount of time I have in Australian history simply because of my love for his craft in making documentaries. 

These are but a small number of observations that make me want to see the United States back up on top and not demolished by a virus and ..... other stuff which probably should be left alone on my part. What I did twelve years ago was built on the support of Americans for the most part. I really appreciate that. And I wish you all the best in the months ahead.