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Swatch Irony - The Best Bang For Buck In Watches - In My Opinion

by Nicholas Atgemis |

I love Swatches. I love Swatch as a company. But for a while there I lost touch with the brand until I discovered Swatch Irony. They are so slim and easy to wear and for the money, the best bang for buck watch I know of. As we head towards Christmas and many of us are tightening our belts and at the same time, for myself anyway, not wanting to look too showy in that department, I have been wearing them in favour of my other watches - you know which kind I am referring to. But what is more, at around $240.00 AUD they are at a price point that I no longer worry about where I left it or if it is insured. I will still run around like crazy looking for it if I lose it, but it won't take up as much of my mental space. If you are looking for a watch you can knock around with which is exceptionally elegant and practical, consider a Swatch for Christmas either for yourself or for you loved on. You can buy them here.

Swatch Irony