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The Fan Out Effect Using Swiss Cotton Linings, Silk Jacquard Facings - The Details Count

by Nicholas Atgemis |

A customer of ours wrote in today from the United States and said "I just received your masks, holy crap... they are beautiful and the fan fold is an amazing fit for a face... You may want to add that view to your site, you know what it does, but you can't really tell from the picture".

I thank that customer, he has always looked out for us. The truth is, I am lazy. The amount of time it takes to deep etch an image on what we've shown in videos on Instagram etc means that by the time I have finished cutting and sewing a batch, it will double my time get the masks up onto the internet and frankly, I don't feel we have that much time. So please, if you are unsure as to what the construction is, please see our IGTV . We use either silk or Swiss cotton to line the mask, and as to additional layers of filtration, they are either N95 inserts (which we won't be supplying) or else we are using brushed canvases and felted products we use for the interlining of ties.

But our customer does make a good point and I will do my best over the coming weeks to make it abundantly clear, as to whether we have the time to load it up onto the website, that depends on how busy we get. Stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, stay at home.




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