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Why I Believe You Should Still Wear A Mask

by Nicholas Atgemis |

In your packs as they go out at the moment I am using more feminine scents, mostly because I have been selling to women that ordinarily would not engage with our brand. The face masks we are currently selling are every day general use masks. But we have been adding pouches and filters for those that are inclined to want a better functioning mask. Personally I am quite happy with the silk layer and cotton or silk rear side. Pleated, they become a lovely hugging mask and one which I believe protects you enough in every day life whilst remaining comfortable against the face. I have tried the N95 and of course, these filter out more than ours and when sealed properly, are your best protection. However, the N95's are in short supply and most governments around the world seem to be advocating for the general public to find any face mask whilst our own government in Australia, shamefully, is telling the general public the exact opposite.
The rhetoric from the authorities in Australia defies rationality unless they are telling the general public not to wear face coverings specifically to prevent the mass consumption and hoarding of N95 masks which will ultimately prevent those in health services from having access to them. It is disappointing. They are saying that a mask should be worn by people who have Covid-19, those who are coming into contact with people who have Covid-19 and people who work in health services. But the general public shouldn't wear them because it is likely that they will touch their face more rather than less, and that they 'could' expose themselves to the virus by having it trap itself in the fabric and at the same time, makes people overly confident and less cautious when they leave the house. This to me defies any logic. A face covering prevents the projection of your cough or sneeze. Not once when I wear a mask have I been able to lick my fingers, it's a technical impossibility unless you slide your fingers in from the side of the seal. I breath in less, I breath out less. It makes me more conscious of Covid-19 every time I leave the house or office. I just cannot understand what I believe is absolute outrageous stupidity on behalf of our own government.
Further, it is possible to sterilize your mask each evening by hand washing them in hot water with laundry detergent and then either leaving them in sunlight to dry. Or else you can use an oven at 50 degrees celsius for 30 minutes (though don't quote me, do your own research, there was a Stanford study on the subject or sterilization at home for masks). So, really, I still wish for all our customers to do their own research and make their own informed decision. But especially to all my own countrymen, I would be very suspicious as to why we are being told not to wear face coverings. Especially when there are asymptomatic people walking the streets completely unaware that they carry the virus.