It can be rather lonely in the Studio sometimes cutting silk and since many of our customers are overseas we don't always get to meet many of our customers face to face. So it is great when we hear from you and it's nice to get compliments, it makes it all worth while, but it's also nice to get suggestions and ways in which we can improve our products and services. So, below are some recent bits of feedback and please if you have any questions at all - simply text or Whatsapp +61413140994 - my name is Nicholas


Edmond O-G,
Philadelphia, USA

I have been a customer with Le Noeud Papillon Sydney for about two years now. I only wear bow ties and this is a habit I picked up in medical school when I realized my flying ties were always in patients’ faces during physical exams. Bow ties were just cleaner 😎

But getting the perfect tie had not been easy. I had to got to specialty stores in the USA to get good ones, and even then they were just ok. I have shopped for bow ties around the world including major countries in Europe . When I came across Le Noud Papillon, I was a bit skeptical because I had never bought a bow tie without actually touching it and understanding the texture, and sometimes colors in photos are really not what they seem in real life . In addition, I wasn’t so sure how I felt about a company overseas and how customer service would work out. But after rummaging through many styles of their bow ties online, I was intrigued and took a chance .

Oh boy, what a chance I took! Since about two years , I wear no bow ties but from Le Noud Papillon. The company exemplifies elegance, quality and the highest level of customer service.

I have been talking mostly with Nick through WhatsApp. He is very responsive, genuine and constructive . I have a ball coming up and needed specific bow ties. I was cutting it very close . I spoke with Nick and with the specifications and his recommendations, the right accommodation made. Folks, within five days , I had my custom bow tie and handkerchiefs made and shipped to my address in Pennsylvania, USA.

I could not believe it when I received the fedex package! World class customer and service and the finished product blew my mind!!! Beautiful, Ferrari red silk tie with matching handkerchief ( see photo) !

It is an under statement to say that I am highly please with this company’s products, and particularly customer service from Nick . Five stars all the way!! . If you love quality bow ties as I do, and appreciate the best of customer service , look no other place but Le Noeud Papillon Sydney !


Alfred P,
Bronx, NY, USA

It has been such a pleasure to work with Le Noeud Papillion. My custom bow tie and cummerbund that I will use on my wedding day arrived today, and I couldn't be happier. I am very much looking forward to wearing these beautiful pieces. The service I received was above and beyond. I would recommend this store to anyone and everyone! Top notch quality, and even better customer service!


Name withheld.

As a longtime Bow tie wearer these BTs really are the best … veritable works of art. In a world of often greyness and conformity , wearing. Le Noeud Papillon BT is a truly enjoyable and effortless way way to send out a bit of colour ,celebration and optimism . Two warnings though 1 be prepared to receive constant compliments all day 2 Le Noeud Papillon BTs are very addictive .


P. Barlin,
Easte Melbourne, Australia

The bowties are terrific, I have four, but the scarves in your collection are very good too. For those of us who appreciate " the game they play in heaven" the yellow cashmere scarf is fantastic. It is smooth and comfortable and a million miles from the mercandising that RA sells. Yes, you can look stylish at the rugby.


D. Lutz,
Quorn, South Australia

Where can I find the most exquisite, exclusive, unique, beautiful and most importantly best quality bow ties in Australia? At Le Noeud Papillon of Sydney! After I bought my first bow ties from Le Noeud Papillon I can tell you truly, that there is only one bow tie specialist in Australia and he is probably the best in the whole wide world. I wear their beautiful bow ties with pride, and everyone is making me compliments and asking me about them. I immediately praise the store and its amazing products. I love the fabrics and the unique patterns, especially the Japanese Yuzen bow ties. It is the same material that is used to make traditional Japanese clothing. The silk is just an incredible piece of art itself. They only use the best quality silks and finest materials. The outstanding quality of the English and Italian silks speaks for itself when you feel them in your hands. Their Majestic Black Bow Tie is reputed by many of the most prestigious menswear writers in the world to be the best bow tie in the world. Le Noeud Papillon is so confident that they give you a money-back guarantee on their bestseller if you are not completely satisfied. All bow ties are proudly made in Australia and arrive pre-tied from the boss himself. Nicholas is very helpful. If you contact the store you write to him and he responds. You can write to his phone 24/7 on WhatsApp and he gives you superb expert advice and is very helpful.


J. O'Donnell
Washington DC, USA

Package arrived today!! Couldn't wait to open it up. I'm absolutely floored by everything, but especially the bow tie and cummerbund. They look incredible and will work perfectly with my midnight tux and ivory dinner jacket. Thank you so much!


Brian Sacawa, He Spoke Style, USA

The Bow Tie

Those in the know, know that the best ties in the world come from Le Noeud Papillon in Sydney. Nicholas sells pre-cut bow ties, but he also does bespoke work as well, which was good news for me because the pre-cut bows are just slightly too large for my face. After some Whatsapp back and forth, Nicholas cut me a bow in premium grosgrain silk in his very unique modified butterfly pattern.