I alighted from the chairlift (are you allowed to alight from a chairlift or only a train?) and the wind was absolutely blistering. I was testing some skis I decided to purchase after I got a tax refund that I had no idea was due back to me. Very happy indeed.

I set off trying to ascend and summit Mount Kosciuszko in said conditions but by the time Woody and I got to the lookout I was happy to turn back. As Jean Reno once said in The Big Blue - "sometimes the sea wants you, sometimes she doesn't". The same could be said of the mountains. 

But it served to remind me of how effective these bits of silk are. A buff stays a buff, it will not be anything but a buff. But a silk scarf (or a kerchief as I prefer to call them just because I think of them more in the vein of bandanas that scarves) is so very very versatile. You can wear them as a face covering, a face mask, a neck warmer, around your head if you are a lady driving a convertible or visiting a Muslim temple - as was done this week by Natalie in Istanbul for the week. There are a myriad of knots to tie too. You can spend days just finding ways to wear them. 

And so, accordingly, as I fought against the biting winds and as one of our customers remarked later on social media that I reminded him of Tim Storrier's 'The Histrionic Wayfarer' , I felt like Indian Jones or some such action hero, a man of his moment, battling the elements with a piece of silk as my buffer against the elements. 

When and if you are willing to try it for yourself, reach out to me prior so I can give you the best advice possible. +61413140994 


silk scarves printed in australia le noeud papillon

The Histrionic Wayfarer By Tim Storrier

ladies silk scarves australia le noeud papillon double printed