Inundated with crap it is hard not to get off Instagram at the end of the evening and feel like you just consumed a lot of garbage to get to one pearl of wisdom or something that might in fact add value to your life. In between answering your messages and fresh enquiries from grooms who need my assistance ( lately a lot more questions and less action I might add (no hard feelings of course) ), I find myself flicking like crazy. There is that old school boy adage 'you have to slay the dragons to get to the princess' (I dare you to say it in public these days - yes I thought so), so too does it feel the same on Instagram, where finally you land on an informative post that really gives you something to sink your teeth into. For me these days it is cooking and sketching. I follow this remarkable chap called JADOKAR who makes sketching human beings as effortless as pouring a glass of milk. And I sit for a day just trying to get my head around how this genius managed to get such a steady hand. 

Then there is cooking. And oh my, that is at least one area that I can make use of the information without having to sit at my desk for a whole day like a schmendrik (to my Jewish friends, is that the correct spelling?). 

So two nights ago I stumbled upon a Chef Luca Corleone who claimed to have the original recipe for pasta Bolognese by seminal cook book writer Pellegrino Artusi who wrote a book in 1820 called La Scienza In Cucina E L'Arte Di Mangiar Bene. You shouldn't need to know Italian to figure out the title. 

Chef Corleone (isn't that a great name you can see him poisoning Putin with his Canoli) claims that there were no tomatoes in the original Bolognese recipe. Instead it was a simple pasta of chopped onion, carrot, celery, some ground veal and pancetta - all rendered down in lard or butter - then added with beef stock, nutmeg and some flour to thicken the sauce. In goes the tagliatelle, out comes the historic first documented Bolognese. No Dolmio grin (Australian's should recognise the crass reference). Ps: add fresh basil and parmesan cheese at the end. 

And so, after I had loaded all my yuzen to the website I took it with great relish and last night my daughter looked up and I got the nod of approval. I packed up some for her mother when I dropped her home and I even got a rare and unsolicited phone call from her mother to say I had done a fine job. 

This time I arrive at a point. Should you be sitting around unable to get motivated for one reason or another, here's a novel idea, go through Instagram and find within the spew of content that one pearl of a post where you can enrich your life with something to cook at home, save some money and share the love. 

Have a wonderful weekend and a sale is coming, I can feel it. I don't know when. In the meantime, we just posted a super 180's cream wool and cashmere that is very worthy of your attention.

Below I post both 60 minutes journalist Mr. Tom Steinfort and Mr. Alexander Dimitriades both at the Logies this week. 

tom steinfort channel 9

alex dimitriades