Wedding Parties We Will Work With You Directly On +61413140994

Wedding Parties We Will Work With You Directly On +61413140994

One of the Roman philosophers, I think it was Seneca, said that to live well one must contribute to the society in which they live, at whatever age that person comes into the world. The Roman Stoics have always inspired me, perhaps because I am not always that stoic, I like to moan when things don't go my way. So, it's something to aspire to. 

However, if there is one aspect of my life that I am proud of it is the small but to my mind big contribution I make to wedding parties, meeting all these wonderful people as they are about to make their way to the altar and change their lives forever. There is an element of excitement as the groom and his soon to be bride (I wrote that instead of fiance because there is an accent on fiance and I forget how to do that), or sometimes it's the father of the groom, the groomsmen all piling in too. 

You may not see them again, sometimes they come back years later for something else, but it's random Tuesday when an image arrives to your phone to showcase your work on a dashing wedding party, where the skills of the tailors, the shoe makers, the shirt makers and the tie makers all come together for an "ahhhh" moment and you see that you have made a contribution to society, one more hand-tied bow tie, one less pre-tied bow tie. One more luxurious Italian silk used instead of something else.

Thank you to Chris and his tailor Remy for entrusting us to round off their ensembles with one of our bow ties, it is a privilege to see our work come alive. 

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