Our website reflects only the silks that we have currently cut for production. At our Studio in Sydney's Vaucluse, you will find not only all our existing stock but also woven jacquard and printed silks, fine shirting cotton, batches of archived silks, sample of shapes, tie patterns, wool bunches, our collared Moth Of Sydney t-shirts, tuxedos, smoking jackets, velvet slippers, shirt patterns, limited edtion pocket squares, scarves, cufflink and sunglass bags - a veritable mish-mash of everything we have worked on or are working on. A mélange of past, present and future.

Our Studio is on the way to Sydney's Watsons Bay where you can have a wonderful seafood lunch at Doyles. We are a stone's throw from Christison Park and the stunning view of Sydney's headlands and just around the corner from one of the best coffee houses in Sydney (Roccos) and located next door to one of the healthiest, The Trail. 

We are located at: 36 New South Head Road, Vaucluse, Sydney, 2030. The only issue is, we need to know when you are intending to drop by. 

Call ahead on +612 8001 6684 
Whatsapp: +61413140994 (for selecting silks, bow tie patterns and international wedding party orders). 

Find us on Google Maps by clicking here
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