Why Wear A Watch That Costs As Much As A Car But Hold Back On Your Accessories?

Why Wear A Watch That Costs As Much As A Car But Hold Back On Your Accessories?

I have never been able to comprehend this new era of men that walk around with watches worth anywhere between a small car to a Bugatti sports car on their wrist in equivalent value whilst wearing tracksuits and shorts and basically looking like dishevelled homeless people. 

They don't wear neck ties, they don't wear bow ties, they don't wear scarves. 

When they do wear black tie, if ever, they don a pre-tied bow tie because, frankly, they are lazy. 

It is my sincere hope that these men come to realise that without a finely tailored suit, without the appropriate menswear accoutrements from cufflinks to bow ties and what not, they appear boorish, parvenus in fact. 

I can understand those that wear their watches with fashionable track suits like Snood Dogg, those that wear them with perforated suede jackets and a t-shirt. I can even understand them wearing them with their swim shorts on a beach. But in shorts with tattoos everywhere and a less than desirable t shirt? Even Geoff Lebowski looks better dressed. And man did his rug really tie the room together. 

These days these new age influencers are mostly getting stoned on some podcast with some new genius who wants to talk to them about something related to modern life in which we are supposed to believe that they men are more insightful than the rest of us. 

No, you are not. We are all human and experiencing life in the same manner. You just happened to strike it lucky in your field, possibly something nefarious or at the very least, praying on the weak, such as gambling. 

I deny these people categorically, and I implore our customers, please, don't become one of them.

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